Sertan Eratay – İstanbul Marketing Summit | IMS

Sertan Eratay

McKinsey Digital Labs / Leader

As the leader of McKinsey Digital Labs Istanbul, Sertan is involved in the implementation of digital transformation projects. He leads the development of Design, Marketing, E-Commerce and Agile competencies within Digital Labs.

Sertan has been providing services in the fields of digital transformation, digital product service development, digital marketing, e-commerce, banking, telecom, advertising and consultancy for 20 years.

After working as a manager in Garanti Digital Banking’s online and mobile banking team, Sertan later worked as Digital Channels Director at Turkcell. During this period, he led the transformation of Turkcell’s digital channels and the establishment of a digitalization-oriented business unit through the opening of an online store for smart phones, accessories and the creation of a multi-channel experience environment. Before joining McKinsey, Eratay worked for a New York City, US-based, digital & innovation agency “R/GA” in Turkey and the Middle East. He was involved in e-commerce, telecom and banking sectors and was responsible for offering customer-focused digital products and experiences.